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We are proud to offer an eclectic range of music throughout the weekend so there is something for everyone. The bands play across two stages in the main field. For 2024 we have an amazing line-up and we can't wait for you to hear them.


18:15 dorset gene pool  
19:15 the stickhill hoot  
20:00 vanilla radio
21:00  theo gibson 
21:30 the leggomen


12:15 cheselbourne school
12:30 lily holder  
13:00 piano pete 
14:00 black sheep 
15:00 the grass rats
16:00 dr beetroot
17:00 nory j
17:30 bomo swing
18:45 rootstone
19:45 nory j
20:15 the phogues
21:30 chief lazarus

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