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safety info

To make sure everyone has a great weekend, here is some additional information to keep our volunteers and attendees safe

Covid Safe

  • We can’t wait to welcome you to DorsetFest, maybe the first big event you’ve attended post-lock-down so please be careful and remember to maintain social distancing wherever possible and keep a face mask with you so that you can wear this at busy points such as the bar!

  • Please be patient especially at congested zones such as the entrance and bar - things may take longer than usual to ensure that we are Covid-19 safe

  • Regular use of hand gel is also important, you know the score.

  • Please remember your face mask as we can’t let you in without one. We will have some on sale, but for a price!

  • BYO alcohol sanitizing gel, but we will have lots on-site for free

  • Please remember to scan for the purpose of track and trace when you enter the festival

  • No exceptions - everyone entering the site, committee, crew, famous and royalty all have to wear a wrist band. Take pride in this amazing souvenir and please make sure you wear it otherwise you will not be allowed access. This will be issued at the entrance gate.

  • Sadly if you have any symptoms of Covid-19 or have been track and traced, you will not be able to attend DorsetFest, however, we will offer you a full refund and hope to welcome you back next year

  • Please, if you experience any symptoms of Covid-19 during DorsetFest, you will need to let us know and sadly leave the festival for this year


What you can expect from us

  • We will treat you with dignity and respect. If we have any concerns about behaviour we will speak to you and offer you the opportunity to stay if there are no further problems.

  • We love dogs so do bring them along but please act responsibly. Keep them on the lead at all times and pick up after them – no one wants to step in dog poo!

  • We will provide first aid cover throughout the festival and if you need help please ask at the information tent

  • We will support you and any vulnerable people in your group as much as possible to help you get full enjoyment out of the festival.

  • Any problems or concerns or if you want some advice or information we have a fully manned information point for you to find out more

  • Please use the information tent as a backup meeting point for your teenagers or other vulnerable people in your group. This year you will need to keep youngsters nearby as due to Covid-19 restrictions they are not allowed to run free.


Our expectations of you

  • We all deserve a bit of fun after a long winter lockdown so please help us to keep the festival as safe as possible - remember it’s our day out too!

  • We trust you to behave sensibly and that includes safe alcohol consumption. Due to Covid, we will have to be strict and have extra security on hand. Please have fun but not at the expense of the enjoyment and safety of others. If necessary we will ask people behaving badly to leave

  • We expect you to follow our Covid-19 procedures and other safety policies, ignorance is no excuse, check out more details as the information tent

  • We expect you to take care of your dog, keep them on a lead and clear up any mess they may leave behind

  • We expect you to clear up all your rubbish and either bin it or take it home. Please don’t leave it for us to pick up the next day whilst hanging

  • Sorry parents - the youngsters will have to stay close by, at all times under your supervision. Older guests must be trusted to stay within their bubble and not mix with other


  • Camping on the hillside is permitted but you will need to walk in.

  • Some camping with your car close by is available but we are worried about the risk of runaway cars so please be careful to park your car across the slope. And absolutely, no joyriding in the campsite. We nearly had a major incident last time!

  • This is a family festival so please keep the noise down after 23:00. We cannot accept disruptive behaviour or the use of bad language. Culprits will be put on toilet cleaning duty or if refusing to comply asked to leave the festival.

  • Tents can be extremely flammable so please take care. Check out the gong and fire point just so you know what to do should there be a fire.

  • If we have to evacuate the site, highly unlikely but let’s be ready, you must leave everything behind and please, please don’t try to drive your car out as we will end up with a traffic jam from hell and no emergency access

  • Depending on the popularity of camping, camper vans may be directed to the field above the festival site. Again please keep a 4-6 meter space and check out the fire point.


  • We are hoping for a sunny day however our onsite team will assess the weather on Thursday evening at 18:00. Whatever the decision we will post a note on this website on Thursday Evening

  • Fire is always a concern at Festivals, so to help us keep you safe please remember no open fires, BBQs, fireworks or flares.

  • So that we can all enjoy the range of music, we operate a No-Drone policy. So please leave drones at home.

  • No drugs guys, this is a family-friendly festival and the use of recreational drugs will not be tolerated.

  • Best of all we have Wi-Fi, open access, no password required


First Aid

  • Qualified First Aiders are available throughout the festival. During peak times we will have a professional event medical providers on site.

  • If you need help please ask at the information tent or go to the onsite ambulance.

  • If you have any medical conditions of which you think our medical team should be aware, please let us know. Be assured your information will be kept confidential.


Emergency Procedure

  • We have tried to think of everything that could possibly go wrong so hopefully, it will be a fabulous weekend without a hitch. However just to be safe please make sure you know what to do in an emergency. Detailed information is available at the information tent. Look out for the safety posters and announcements

  • In the unlikely event of an emergency, we will ask you to leave your things behind and go to the nominated assembly points. Please check these out on the map so you know where to go. While you are at it take note of the fire points.

  • In the event of an emergency please listen and follow the instructions of the committee and crew

  • Any concerns please report to a committee member, in bright pink festival shirts or speak to a member of the crew at the information tent.



  • We know that you share our commitment to reducing the impact of Dorsetfest on the environment so please help by sorting your rubbish and using the correct bins.

  • Dorsetfest reusable glasses are in use, you will be charged for this when you buy your first drink and then get to keep it for next year. To be Covid-19 safe our crew will use a barrier towel when refilling your glass

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