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DorsetFest is proud to offer a delicious range of food options. As always we like to keep things local and believe that this is what makes the options in our 'Fodder Field' so special. 

With all the options there really is something for everyone. We have vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. If you have an allergy please check with the individual vendors.

The dorsetfest bbq

As we have grown as a festival a lot has changed, but we know that there are some things that just don't need to. The big one is our wonderful BBQ. 

Using local ingredients and run by our great team, this is a definite must. Our personal favourites are the burgers as well as the bacon rolls which are an essential for all you campers. 

portland paella

Who would have thought that the best paella is from Portland? Serving up a range of tasty dishes stop by to bring those flavours to DorsetFest. We have heard that their Chicken & Chorizo is absolutely insane. Check out what they are up to here.

the lentilist

Another local star, The Lentilist is a plant based vegan food stall which specialises in healthy, wholesome and totally delicious vegan food.

fai's thai

To say that Fai's Thai is famous in the local area would not be a lie. As you tuck into delicious noodles, curries and spring rolls (a personal favourite) you will almost forget that you are in Bulbarrow and not Bangkok! 

basilico pizza

Something of a DorsetFest classic, Basilico offer a tasty selection of wood fired pizzas. 

cheeky fox churros

Fancy something sweet? We have an exciting new edition - Churros! We are sure that these will be delicious and will see you in the queue

ice cream van

As it is absolutely going to be gorgeous weather we have t have an ice cream van. 

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