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These terms and conditions (T&Cs) should be read together with and vendor’s and/or Agents’ T&C’s or regulations, which you can obtain from the official point of purchase agent – Ticketbo. 

DorsetFest reserves the right to amend these T&Cs at any time. 

Artists and billed attractions may be subject to change.  DorsetFest reserves the right to alter the bill without prior notification. 

No trading is allowed within the venue without DorsetFest’s prior consent. 

No professional audio/visual recording equipment may be brought into the venue without prior authorisation from DorsetFest.  Normal cameras are permitted. 

Right of admission reserved (R.O.A.R) 

No unaccompanied under 18’s are allowed on site. 


No bottles, cans, or boxes of personal alcohol may be brought into the Festival arena.  To ensure this, we may ask to check your bags or request proof of purchase from our bars.  If this is refused, we reserve the right to refuse entry or ask you to leave and no refunds will be given.  All profits from our bars go to charity so we do ask you to support them.  Campers may consume their own alcohol in the camping field only . 

To ensure that alcohol is served appropriately, we will be running Challenge 25.  Anyone lucky enough to look under 25 will be asked to produce photo ID before they are served (or if they are seen drinking alcohol on site) so please do bring a recognised form of ID with you. 

Drinking and Driving is an offence. Do not risk the lives by driving when over the alcohol limit.  

Please drink responsibly particularly if you have young children in your care.

DorsetFest operates a strict Zero Tolerance to drugs. No illegal substances may be brought into the venue.  Anyone found in possession of these substances will be ejected and the police informed. 


DorsetFest will be providing children’s entertainment on Saturday afternoon as safely as possible, but children remain the responsibility of their parents/guardians and should be supervised at all times.  This is an outdoor event on a working farm with large numbers of people, so it is easy for children to get lost and enter hazardous areas (which will be clearly marked with hazard tape). It is always the parents’ responsibility to ensure their child is safe.  This includes teenagers and vulnerable adults in your group.  Under 18’s are not permitted to leave the Festival site at any time unless accompanied by an adult.  Please ensure they are aware of this rule.  All exit points will be marked with NO ENTRY for unaccompanied under 18s signs. 


We will do everything possible to ensure that all are able to enjoy DorsetFest and to meet the different needs of our visitors.  The site is undulating and has some steep hills so if you are bringing a wheelchair user or someone with limited mobility, please contact us beforehand so we can arrange access to the Festival field. 


DorsetFest welcomes well behaved dogs and responsible owners, and fresh water is available on site.  Please keep your dogs under control at all times and clean up after them when necessary. 


DorsetFest is unable to accept any liability for personal injury or property damages, including damage, theft or losses to property and motor vehicles, if the cause is due to the negligence of the ticket holder or the actions of other patrons or third parties or force majeure.  


Fires are not permitted at DorsetFest. 

Excessive exposure to loud music may damage your hearing so please consider the best way to limit the noise on the day, particularly for young children. 

The use of Drones and similar equipment is prohibited on or near the event, unless authorised in writing by prior consent. 

Follow any instructions given by Stewards, Security and Police. 

Move away from any dangerous/anti-social behaviour.  Notify Security if you witness this. 

If you need to take regular medication or have a serious allergy, remember to bring the medication or Epi pen.  Let your friends know of any illness or allergy and where your medication is stored. 

Fireworks, flares, illegal substances, drug paraphernalia, sky lanterns and megaphones are banned from the Festival site. 

Please only use the toilets and urinals provided.   


Whilst we provide First Aid cover, this does not include transportation to hospital in the event of serious injury or illness.  If it is necessary for someone to be driven to hospital, this will be the responsibility of person concerned and their group/family, or the emergency services.   


DorsetFest is based on a working farm and sheep will be grazing the fields immediately after the event.  In order to avoid death or injury to animals, please dispose of all litter in the bins provided and recycle where possible.  We should be grateful if campers could dispose of their rubbish at home. 


As the Festival takes place on a working farm, there are hazards which may not be immediately obvious.  It is not permitted to enter any area which is marked with hazard tape.  

All buildings (permanent structures) are private property and are out of bounds, whether marked as a hazard or not.  Anyone found trying to enter or cause damage to a house or barn on or near the site will be asked to leave the Festival with no refund. 

Unfortunately we are unable to permit tree climbing at DorsetFest.


Please be aware that by entering the Festival you are likely to be photographed/videoed.  By entering, you consent to your photograph and/or any likeness being used , without any compensation, in all media and you release DorsetFest from any liability whatsoever of any nature.  If you do not wish to be photographed, please inform the photographer. 


Please note that these T&Cs may be changed by DorsetFest at any time based on advice and best practice to ensure that the Festival is a safe and entertaining event for all.  The latest version of the T&Cs will always be applicable, so please remember to check these before you attend.  If there are any issues with revised T&Cs, then please contact us at so we can review and hopefully resolve any issue. 


Last updated: 15th April 2024 

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