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Nory-J is the indie dream pop pseudonym of British musician Jack Spooner.

Gaining 10,000 monthly listeners for his recent Lofi-Dream Pop records, his artistry has found itself with BBC Radio Solent, international reviewers and throughout Co-Op stores across the UK with Hit Radio’s own Hattie Pearson crowning Nory as her ‘Off The Shelf’ artist for the store.

His singles gained Radar 45 attention from BBC Radio 1 Presenter Jodie Bryant who praised the tune as “cool and vibey” in early 2024.

The Nory discography has been catching the eye of Truck Fest 2024 and Isle of Wight Festival 2024, who shortlisted him for their festivals and BBC Radio 1 presenters like Elliot Darby and Seb Bailey, who claim Nory-J is “one to watch out for”.

His collection has amassed over 85,000 streams on Spotify allowing for his first UK tour, and heavy involvement with national radio, becoming BBC Radio Bristol’s ‘Live in Session’ artist in July 2022, ‘Big New Sound’ in 2023 as well as a live interviewee at the International Balloon Fiesta in mid-2023.

Nory-J combines musical elements from the depths of Dream Pop, Indie Pop and Jazz for a unique discography creating a “sonic voyage through the British indie dreamland” [Pier Magazine].

His discography seeks to never repeat itself and his live shows will utilise a different band in each concert to leave the audience smiling, laughing and crying with every niche sound and forgotten gem.

You can find out more and follow Nori-J on:

· Facebook



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